Bowl Hole Background

Graeme Young, Director at The Bamburgh Research Project, talks about the Bowl Hole background and Anglo-Saxon life at Bamburgh Castle. All the individuals within the crypt ossuary came from the ‘Bowl Hole’ graveyard. First revealed by a violent storm in the 19th century, the Bowl Hole graveyard is hidden within the sand dunes a few hundred metres south of Bamburgh Castle. Dozens of individuals were uncovered during excavations between 1998 to 2007. These remains have been analysed to tell us about these people and their lives.

Bamburgh Bones Learning Resource

A resource to support teaching and learning in Key Stage 2

This learning resource includes videos, PowerPoint presentations and downloadable classroom activities to support a study of the Bamburgh Bones, the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria, St Oswald and St Aidan in KS2. There are materials for at least 6 lessons, as well as links to additional extension activities. Detailed notes are provided for each lesson to support teaching.

Extension Activities