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Visit the Bones

A unique experience to see the final resting place of the Bamburgh Bones.

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The crypt is open daily from 10am - 5pm.



When you visit, please take care going down the steps and be aware that it is quite dark inside the crypt. Details.


Call 07966 330042 for more information

A visit to the Crypt...

Descending into the cool dark crypt is a unique experience not to be missed.

The rows of ossuary boxes, each containing human bones, is a memorable sight. Here you can discover the fascinating story of their excavation and have the opportunity to ‘meet’ some of the individuals that lived and worked in Bamburgh 1,400 years ago.

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Start your discovery of this ancient capital of Northumbria.

Famous for its commanding cliff top castle, its endless white sandy beaches and home to Grace Darling: the heroine of the sea. Bamburgh should be on your bucket list.

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The Bamburgh Bones team is currently consulting on delivery of learning opportunities in the near future. If you'd like to be first to hear about these please contact


St Aidan’s Church is a Grade I Listed building dating in parts to the 12th century. Therefore it is not possible to make the crypt fully accessible. Access to the crypt is via an external staircase at the east end of the church. To get to the steps it is necessary to walk across the grassed graveyard, the ground is uneven in places and can be slippery when wet (see video of the approach).

Once at the crypt door there are two more steps onto a level platform. From here it is possible to view the projection and the entrance to the 2nd crypt where the ossuary is housed. The projection has an audible narration and written transcriptions will be available.

The projection is also available with subtitles, along with access to the digital ossuary, at the rear of the church. A ramp is stored in the porch of the church to enable wheelchair access to the church.

On street parking is available all year round and is located around the Grove. Dedicated disabled parking is at the public carpark to the west of the castle. There are no toilets in the church but the public toilets are located 500 metres from the church and are open all year round.