Why Codewords?

Everyone in our ossuary was a living breathing person.

They had lives and names. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing those names. Anglo-Saxon graves can include items, or 'grave goods', but typically bear no surviving explicit marker of who is present. The graves in the bowl hole are no exception. Referring to the information gathered on these people by only a dig site index number seems a bit impersonal.

These people aren't just data

Neither do we want to high-handedly 'rename' them. So, to help differentiate these individuals, we've lend each entry a 'codeword'. We've used Anglo-Saxon terms, for a taste of their 6th and 7th century world. This is Old-English, and it is a little strange to our ear, but each word is defined on the individual entry page for you. It's worth noting the codewords are randomly assigned, but the etymology of each word can be fascinating!


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