Bamburgh needs
your help

Access to the crypt is completely free. If you have enjoyed your visit please consider making a donation to enable us to keep it open and continue to share the stories of the Bamburgh Bones.

Support us

You can help to preserve the ossuary and support Bamburgh Heritage Trust in continuing to tell the story of our amazing ancestors.

Your contribution can help...

  • Preserve the crypt & ossuary
  • Tell the story of our ancestors
  • Host fascinating events
  • Support guided tours


There are many reasons why you might choose to volunteer. It can offer the chance to give something back to your community or make a difference to the people around you. It might provide an opportunity to develop new skills or build on your existing experience and knowledge. Regardless of your motivation, what unites everyone is the challenge and reward.

Volunteering with Bamburgh Bones is fascinating. We are very lucky to be part of the gradual uncovering of the history of the Anglo-Saxon people of Bamburgh.

A range of volunteer roles are available. You can bring the fascinating story to life with guided visits to the crypt, guided walks in the village, delivering talks, running events, supervising visiting groups and schools and assisting with research.