Beneath these dunes laid the remains of Anglo Saxon people that helped shape Northumbria's Golden Age.

How were they discovered? What do their bones reveal? Uncover their stories in their final resting place.

Home to influential people

You are following in the footsteps of kings, saints, nobles, knights, bishops, heroines and industrialists, all of whom have all shaped the rise and fall of Bamburgh.

Cosmopolitan Bamburgh

The Glastonbury of its day, people travelled to and from Europe to be part of the rich cultural and spiritual scene in Bamburgh during the Golden Age. 


K. Lamb

“love and respect from the present day to a past which has graciously revealed its secrets”

Tales from the bones

Modern analysis of the bones buried beneath Bamburgh have given us a unique insight into life and death of people during the Golden Age.


The atmospheric crypt beneath St Aidan’s church is home to the ossuary boxes - the final resting place for the bones discovered beneath Bamburgh Castle.

Read the Bamburgh Stories

From fabled ancient wells, firework celebrations that went wrong to a dashing hero of WW1 – these vivid tales uncover the colourful history of this beautiful coastal village.

September 9, 2019

The Three Queens of Bamburgh

Three Queens linked to Bamburgh Castle The earliest Queen was perhaps the most important because her name lives on through the centuries and gives the village […]


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